Your authority in Public Warning Systems


Your authority in Public Warning Systems

Are you considering a public warning or public participation service using mobile phones? And are you looking for an experienced partner to help you make this into a success? HamiltonTuring is here for you.

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Who we are

HamiltonTuring is a Netherlands-based consulting firm, experienced in developing consumer innovations and bringing them to the market.

HamiltonTuring is experienced in public safety (government), telecoms and energy businesses and has a track record of many successful consumer innovations.

Our experience

The first nationwide alerting service via mobile phones is NL-Alert. NL-Alert was introduced in 2012 and has developed into the main instrument for the Emergence Services in The Netherlands for public warning. HamiltonTuring has been involved in the development of this Service since its early stages of development. We procured the required services on behalf of the Ministry of Security and Justice from the market and managed the implementation, go-to-market and further development. HamiltonTuring was consulted by many governments worldwide since then.

A successful implementation requires a partner that understands and has a personal network in the full chain of stakeholders like the Emergency Services, Mobile Operators and Mobile Phone vendors. HamiltonTuring brings you the experience to get you started quickly and avoid risks and mistakes that other have already made before you.


Our services

Our services

workshop about public warning system


Many of our co-operations with clients start with a workshop, where we listen where you want to go and where you come from. It enables us to share our experience with you and will give you a headstart.

public warning system stakeholder management

Stakeholder management mobile industry

Mobile operators and vendors of mobile phones and/or operating systems are important partners for any public warning system. The relationship between the mobile sector and governments is often complex. HamiltonTuring understands the interests of both parties and is able to create a win-win relationship between these parties.

public warning system service definition

Service definition

HamiltonTuring can help you to define and scope the service you want to offer your citizens. A service definition is a starting point for the defining requirements for a procurement process.

organizing a public warning system


HamiltonTuring can organise your project to make sure your Public Warning Service is delivered and can be brought to market. We can lead your project team consisting of internal and external specialists.

public warning system market


Go-to-market is the phase where a project often gets a bit bumpy. Management becomes nervous about risks, the market has (too) high expectations. Is the product good enough to go live? HamiltonTuring has been there many times. You can rely on us.

public communications about warning system

Public communications

Not only your product needs to be OK for going live. You also need to set the right level of expectations with your clients. It is better to surprise than to dissappoint. HamiltonTuring helps you to match your product and market expectations.

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